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10 months ago

Sometimes we get to play outside 😁. Happy to be outside on a nice day hooking up internet on solar arrays🌅. This insulation has zeroed the electric bill on this home. GeoTech is a proud ... See more

10 months ago
Windows Server Update Gets Serious: You Have The Weekend To Comply, Homeland Security Says

This is a serious issue. Please take a moment to do your windows updates. This warning applies only to those who have a server but it's a good reminder we should all be ensuring our updates are ... See more

A critical Windows Server, perfect 10, exploit is now classed as an emergency by the DHS cybersecurity agency. Here's what you need to know.

10 months ago
Today is national programmer day!!!

We don't like to brag but we think we have some of the best programmers this side of the interweb. Thanks for being a part of our team.

11 months ago
Head To Toe

Local Small Business Highlight - Would you like to lose some inches? Head to Toe Wellness is a local small business located in Newburgh Indiana. This small business is owned and operated by Apryl. ... See more

11 months ago

Have you seen our newest Ad in Evansville Business? Let GeoTech Solutions build your organization's website. Our team will customize your website for your specific needs and then turn the keys over ... See more

12 months ago
Meet the Voice of the Early Internet

I got so excited to hear this man's voice growing up as a child. You have no idea how excited I got to hear him say 'you got mail'.

If you logged onto the internet circa 1997, chances are you heard this guy, Elwood Edwards, greet you with a warm “Welcome! You’ve got mail.” Edwards scored his place in internet history back ... See more

1 year ago

As a local small business, we are honored to give back to those who are working tirelessly to ensure we are getting groceries. Your putting yourself at risk for us and we see you. Thank you.

Lunch ... See more

1 year ago

What YouTube video have you watched the most over the years?